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jule miller filmstrip series is available for sale from Haun Publishing Company 1-800-231-9709

By Jule Miller & Texas Stevens
Complete Kit, Five lessons on one DVD
$189.99 Order #No. 506DV

Complete Kit, Five lessons on five Video Cassettes
$169.99 Order #No. 506VC

Please specify the original English series or Spanish, Chinese, or Russian, or English with Black models.

This is the very hard-to-find filmstrip series that has been used to bring thousands to know Jesus over the years. Now available in both VHS and DVD formats, we have the original english series and also in Spanish, Chinese, Russian and with Black models.

jule-miller-filmstrip-visualized bible study seriesAll five lessons are presented in a clear, concise style so God’s truths can be understood easily. Straightforward but not offensive. Teaching God’s way of salvation with the power of full color visuals to help you save family, friends and acquaintances.

Five great lessons:
(1) The Patriarchal Age
(2) The Mosaic Age
(3) The Christian Age
(4) God’s Plan for Redeeming Man
(5) History of the Lord’s Church

The complete kit contains: Five lessons, Five Color Manuals, Extra Reviews, Grading Key, and a 3-color Completion Certificate on parchment-like paper suitable for framing.

Visualized Bible Study Series Preview Video (DVD format not available)
Up to five copies, $16.99 each
Six copies
for $100.00
Order No. 506PV

SET UP DVD OR VIDEO BIBLE CLASSES with this VBSS Preview Video. Filled with color, action and special sounds, this preview shows the first 18 minutes if “The Patriarchal Age” from the Creation to the Flood. The viewer is reminded of God’s promise not to destroy the earth again with water, but that He will destroy it by fire. The brief video then invites the viewer to see all 5 lessons by contacting the person or church who handed him the Preview. Christians are handling these previews to friends and family, asking them to take them home and view them at their leisure. Very successful in setting up home Bible studies using the VBSS Videos or DVDs.

35¢ each
per 100
Order No. 506H

Full Color brochure to set up Bible Studies using either DVDs or Videos. Printed front and back on 11 x 17 deluxe glossy stock. Folds to four 8½ x 11 pages. Introduces “The Visualized Bible Study Series” to your prospect. Gives a synopsis of all five lessons together with some scenes and illustrations actually used in the series – all printed in full color. Gives your prospect an inspiring overview of the whole 5-lesson study. Box on last page for church stamp or to hand-write a personal note.

Extra Full Color Manuals. Order No. 506M:
Up to 25 sets, per set of 5 manuals $6.99
25 or more sets, per set of 5 manuals $5.99

Extra Individual Manuals. Order No. 506M:
Up to 50 Individual Manuals, $1.99 each
50 or more Individual Manuals, mix or match, $1.70 each

Spanish Edition Manuals (printed in Black and White). Order No. 507M

$4.99 each

Leave a manual with each prospect at the close of the lesson. Manuals contain Review Sections for student study. Check the student’s homework at the start of the next session. Those who study on their own and fill out the reviews usually become Christians. Grading key included.

VBSS 3-color English certificates
10 for $4.99
Order No. 506CT

VBSS 3-color Spanish certificates
10 for $4.99
Order No. 507CT

Reward your student or prospect with this beautiful 3-color “Certificate of Recognition” upon successful completion of the “Review” sections of all five VBSS lessons. Printed on 8½ x 11 parchment-like stock, this attractive certificate is ready for framing. Many students will cherish this certificate for years.

Extra VBSS tests, set of 5 tests
10 sets for $19.99
Order No. 506T

Reprints of the “Review” sections in each of the five VBSS booklets. Each set contains all “Reviews” for lessons 1-5. Allows student to fill in “Review” sections for grading without cutting them out of the full color booklet. Leave a full color manual and extra black and white test with each prospect. At the next session pick up the test for grading.

Prices are subject to change.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish
that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.          Isaiah 55:11

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